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Solea Senegalensis

Corporate Social Responsability


Although not an endangered species, sole has suffered severe overfishing in certain parts of the world. Particularly in the shores of the Mediterranean and from the North of Africa to the north coast of France, some fishing grounds are near to collapse.

Soleé is heading the new technologies of fish farming and we are sensitive with the environment care, because every one of our facilities are placed in national park of Spain. We have develop a fish farming system for the specie Solea Senegalensis to reduce the pressure over the fishing grounds, producing more than 1000 Tons per year of fresh sole.



We produce the Soleé sole with sustainable methods, in a clean environment and through the strictest quality controls. We also look alter to fulfil the regulations that bring animal welfare to the forefront in the cultivation process.

Soleé also means an additional guarantee for our customers, because we role out the 70% of the produced soles to select only the best ones, those that obey our standards of colour, size, appearance, shape… only the best ones will be “Soleé soles”.