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Solea Senegalensis

Production process


Step 1: Hatchery

The breeding process for the Soleé soles begins in the hatchery plant of CUPIMAR, Cultivos Piscícolas Marinos S.A., placed in the city of San Fernando, Cádiz, surrounded by the marshlands of the National Park Bahia de Cádiz. Soleé soles are cultivated using filtered seawater of the highest quality. This water supply guarantees a stable and optimum environment throughout the whole year for physical, chemical and biological parameters. The water in our facilities do not need of any treatment because it comes from a naturally filtered source. The process starts with sole breeders that are selected from the Natural Park “Parque Natural Bahía de Cádiz”. We develop a fully controlled reproduction with a natural process management, without any kind of hormonal application. Continuous natural spawning is thus achieved, allowing for all seasons larval culture on live plankton, weaning onto inert diets and final juvenile production after three months periods. All live feed used, such as phytoplankton, rotifers and Artemia, is also cultivated in our facilities. Our technical team has accumulated many years of experience in the breeding and rearing of the different spices that we have been producing along the years. This expertise gives us the knowledge to produce high quality fish under the control of an encouraged team.

Step 2: Nursery

After the first three months of live, once soles are used to inert feeding, juvenile fish are moved to the nursery facility. The nursery facility for Soleé soles is placed in the saltmarsh of San José del Palmar, in the city of Puerto Real, Cádiz, within the boundaries of the Natural Park “Parque Natural Bahía de Cádiz”. In these facilities juveniles are strictly selected, using different own developed process, to determine which soles will became Soleé soles, discarding those that do not fit the high quality standards established by the Company.

Step 3: Grow out

The Soleé sole grow out takes place in the recirculation plants (RAS) of San José del Palmar, in Puerto Real, Cádiz, and in the brother plant of Cambados, Pontevedra, placed in the Natural Park “Parque Natural del Estuario de Arousa” . We are proud to say that the Soleé sole production is sustainable because our buildings are constructed without disrupting the natural environment where the plants are placed. The soles are raised using stocking densities, which have been found to be compatible with optimum animal welfare. The salinity and other water parameters of the filtered seawater from the natural environment, together with the high experience and capacity of our working team, accumulated after more than 30 years, results in a top quality product such as the Soleé sole.

Step 4: Sales / Logistics

To be able to offer a sole with the quality, tight texture and flavour of Soleé the handling facilities receives the daily sole every early morning after the sacrifice to classify and make the last ruling out for the Soleé customer. Using the traditional arts, but with the modern technologies our professional team in the handling chain prepares the boxes for everyday deliveries. We hardly know that every customer has a different need, so we have adapt our packaging system to satisfy the new demands we receive worldwide. We are working with a perishable high profile product, which needs a carefully handling, continuous health controls and the execution of the hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP). The result of all this process is the Soleé Sole.