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Solea Senegalensis

Why to choose Soleé soles?Why to choose Soleé soles?


Sole raised for gourmetsSoleé sole is achieved through cultivation in the best posible conditions and rigorous internal quality control guaranteeing that our customers receive a wholesome and high nutritional product that is a delight on the palate.
We guarantee your peace of mindOur high professional production line offers our customers constant supply at high competitive prices.
The Soleé sole sets itself apart through its fulfilment of regulations that bring animal welfare to the forefront in the cultivation process.
Personalised customer serviceSoleé sales team first goal is to satisfy our customer’s needs. Sing in our online fish market!.
Innovation at your serviceWe ensure that Soleé is delivered straight to you in perfect conditions through the innovative use of recyclable polyethylene insulated cases which optimizes transportation and preserve freshness.
“Soleé à la carte”At Soleé we strive to meet the various needs of our customers while at the same time maintaining the utmost quality in our sole, with all our handling processes complying with the strictest international certification.